This little rocket packs some punch, short rail line, wide plane shape, chiseled swallow tail and MF keel fins all add up to provide one of the funnest softboards in the MF range!

Super fast acceleration, blistering pace down the line all in a super soft package that is perfect for down the line runners or summer days messing around in beachies.

Switch the soft flex keels out for your favourite hard fin set and experience one of the fastest high lines around. Built for good times all the time !

5’0 x 20 1/2 2 1/2 - 28.32L 
5’4 x 21 x 2 5/8 - 33.33L
5’8 x 21 1/2 x 2 3/4 - 37.93L
5'10 x 22 x 3 - 43.52L 

Rocker: Med
Fin System: Multi Box
Fin Supplied: Soft Twin Keel
Bottom Contours: Single to Double
Outline: Hybrid
Construction: Heat Lamination
Colour: Cedar/watermelon