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  • Surf Ears

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    The world’s first surf earplug that helps your ears without affecting your hearing, designed to let sound in whilst keeping water out. SurfEars utilises unique acoustic mesh specifically created to let sound through while blocking out water, cold air, dirt and bacteria. These earplugs are masters in protecting your ears from the elements, helping prevent common issues like ear inflammation and bone growth in the ear canal, commonly referred to as surfers...

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  • Twin Fish Surfboard Model

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    The Element surf Twin Fish model is inspired by the original 1970's keel fishes
    With a wider forward outline, volume carried right up to the nose and 
    flat rocker makes this board super fast and easy to paddle. 
    Match back with a traditional future base keel fin to increase drive and hold.

    twin fin fish surfboard

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  • Matuse art + function

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    Matuse wetsuits the premium wetsuit brand from California USA, now available exclusively in-store and online here at Powerlinez surf shop Narrabeen Australia. 

    Simply put they are warmer, lighter, dry faster and last longer than any other wetsuit on the market. This is due to their design detail and construction using the best Japanese geoprene material, the Ichiban (meaning: number one) 


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  • Corvus Keel Twin Fin

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    The Corvus keel twin fin is the perfect compliment to your fish or hybrid 

    Most classic twin fin shapes have fins that are glassed in, but you don't 

    have the flexibility to change fins as desired, so Corvus has designed

    a classic wood keel template for removable future base fin systems 

    Constructed in classic solid fibreglass with wood inlay and glossy finish 

    Available in store or online $89.95

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  • Barney Cools

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    A new brand based in Sydney Australia, Barney Cools making rugged street-wear inspired by international street-style

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