Matuse Scipio 3/3mm Steamer

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As far as Roman Generals go, Scipio was one of the most ichiban battlefield tacticians ever. Like Scipio's generalship, the Scipio fullsuit is pound for pound the warmest suit in the water due to it's ergonomic fit and its blackZERO technology.


Matuse's 3mm Japanese limestone geoprene is 98% water impermeable, so it does not absorb water.

Warmer, lighter, dries faster & lasts longer.
These functional advantages are a reality because Geoprene is 98% water impermeable. Old-fashioned neoprene suits are like a sponge. They soak-up water. They get heavy. And they drag you down (while making you shiver). Conversely, Geoprene absorbs little-to-no water. Coupled with Matuse’s patterning, a Matuse suit never feels or functions like a cold, clammy bag of bricks on your back.
Matuse products, also known as Premium (the ichiban) Game, represent the Japanese-based Kaizen philosophy of continual improvement: Measure twice. Cut once. It’s art + function and it’s all good. In designing a suit, we seek to perfect 4 critical areas: Flexibility, Comfort, Insulation & Durability.
To maximize performance in each area, we consult with a panel of orthopedists, yogis, world-renowned surfers and swimmers to determine a seam design that is not only functionally superior but also comfy and aesthetically pleasing. It’s our job to ensure you maximize your time spent in the water. And we are constantly improving in the following areas: Complimenting the musculo-skeletal structure of the human body. Balancing the body’s natural symmetry within each suit or top. Minimizing resistance, reducing fatigue and increasing power. Anatomical adjustments to the knees, elbows, shoulders and neck. Maximizing breathing capacity while optimizing core heat retention.
Ultimately, it’s all about getting better. Everyday.


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