Aloha JALAAN Peanut - AQUA



This PEANUT is about one thing - FUN. From beginner to advanced surfers the Peanut delivers a forgiving ride. A wide point slightly rear of the centre allows the board to turn with ease. Combined with a full, softer rail and round nose, easy rocker entry it transitions smoothly through turns. The tail rocker is a little flatter giving you some extra planning speed across the slow sections.

Length Width Thickness Volume
5'6 19 5/8 2 1/4 27.9
5'8 20 2 1/4 30.83
5'10 20 3/8 2 9/16 34.70
6'0 20 5/8 2 5/8 37.38
6'2 20 3/4 2 5/8 39.36
6'6 21 1/4 2 7/8 45.22
7'0 22 3 52.36

Jalaan Slabb is an Aboriginal, 16 year young female Shaper and surfer from the small coastal town of Fingal Head, Australia. Hailing from the Coodjinburra Clan of the Bundjalung nation, Jalaan grew up learning her culture from her family. Born into a surfing family, she has always surfed and just a couple of years ago was introduced to the art of shaping and she hasn’t stopped. Jalaan’s passion for designing and shaping surfboards comes from her connection to the land and the ocean. It is evident in her shapes that in every touch there is something special.