Aloha Habanero FCSII Epoxy Surfboard

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With a smooth outline the Habanero is an every day shortboard designed to perform in waves from waist to over head conditions!

A single concave under the front foot provides lift and acceleration and enables this daily shredder to engage the face of the wave.

A double concave through the fins redirects water flow through the tail assisting with lift and and control when surfing off the back foot, the double concave blends into a slight vee in the tail assisting rail to rail transfers and tight turns in the critical section of the wave face.

With a relaxed entry rocker and a little flick in the tail the Habanero should keep you surfing no matter what the conditions throw at you!
EPS Epoxy construction.

5'11 x 19 3/4 x 2 3/8 - 28.64L

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